Tu Piyawadee drops Wawwa Nichari from her projects

Woah. What could have actress Wawwa Nichari done to have been drop from her projects?

Tu Piyawadee’s view: Tu Piyawadee claims Wawwa to show inappropriate actions and behavior which are not professional. These includes pointing fingers at staff members, coming late to the set, and not saying bye to the staff after work is over. Tu Piyawadee at first thought Wawwa was still a child (Thats what I thought too.) but not anymore. This is what she stated: “At first, I thought she was still young but I think this can not be fixed.” She has not spoke to Wawwa about the situation in detail but she did tell her that she will be removed from Buang as the na’ek.

She spoke about Wawwa’s actions after hearing the news. “She listens and just walks away.”

Wawwa Nichari’s view: She has no idea. She claims to be stressed as a result for being dropped in the middle of Jud Nak Pope and Buang Athitarn. She has not spoke about anything other that calling P’Tu but not being able to talk. She continues to say that she will speak to P’Tu first before revealing anything. Furthermore, because of her current projects, she has not talked to P’Tu much; therefore, it’s probably a misunderstanding.

As for a press release to clear everything, this is what she got to say, “I don’t think it’s to that point because I think we can talk and clarify it. It should be okay.”

My view: As for me, I liked Wawwa. I liked her from The Sixth Sense. To me she’s still pretty young in the entertainment industry. She’s only been in the industry for 2 years. I don’t think she’s not learned enough about it yet. Yes, she’s 23 years old in a couple of days, but age doesn’t mean anything when compared to experience. Every one in the industry starts off shaky. It just depends on if she can make it through or not. I hope that things can be talked out because I would like to see her play with Mark Prin in Buang Atitharn. As things are right now, I think it’s leaning towards a “not possible.” Good luck to her since P’Tu and she is close to each other.


Highly Anticipated! Laruk Sut Kop Fah!

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The highly anticipated on screen couple is back! Weir Sukallowat and Min Pechaya from Pinnong is back with Laruk Sut Kop Fah! Love the chemistry between these two.

Summary: Royal descendant Mattana (Min) is to be married to Prince Makey, son of her father’s friend. At first, both did not agree to marriage, but after Prince Makey sees Mattana in person, he falls in love with her. He rushes to get married with her. With the idea of marrying  someone she loves only, she takes off and runs away. Here’s where our royal bodyguard Kamin (Weir) comes in and chases after her to bring her back to the Kingdom of Raya. Upon time spent with eachother, Mattana and Kamin falls in love. However, Kamin has to chose between duty or his love for her.

Stay tuned! Coming in July 28th!!!!

Credits to Kimberly Ninjakkn

“Bomb” Tanin exposed by Focus Jeerakul


Gentleman or not? Focus Jeerakul, 2 year girlfriend since the filming of the Juthathep series, exposes Bomb Tanin.

She is dissatisfied with his responses when asked about his love life. Story put short. She understands he’s a newbie, but she really didn’t like him responding one time with “love is a hindrance.” (Is she a hindrance to him?) She believes he should answer “I prefer not to answer.” or something along those lines rather than saying “I’m single” or “LOVE IS A HINDRANCE.”

She exposes him with a 9 minute video clip saying she spoke to another girl that was dating Bomb at the same time she was. She was in doubt if he was two-timing her or not.

Most of all, she disliked that he used her mother as an excuse to break off with her. The other girl she spoke to said that Bomb explains that he broke up with Focus, but her mother begged him to keep dating him. (Bomb defends himself that he never brought her mother into the problem.)

In an interview, she explains that she has thought it throughly before she posted up the video even against her mother and everyone else’s advice. Polypus didn’t know about it. She gives her apologies. Bomb gives his apologies. Conclusion. She says they broke off and she is afraid of love now.

Focus Jeerakul’s exposed video

Criticism on expensive tickets not worthwhile


As many projects as actor James Ji is getting, is he really top notch? He did great in Suparb Buruth Juthathep, but I didn’t think he was all that.

So if you haven’t heard, the tickets to James’s concert not too long ago was expensive. Including those for VIP standing at 6000 baht. At his recent fan meeting this is what he said when asked about it.

“Honestly, I thought this news would have disappeared already because to be straightforward with you, there weren’t just tickets at 6000baht.  Tickets at 1000, 1500, 2500 was also available.  The day of the event, I saw a lot of people came too.  Could have been nearly 4000 people.”

Maybe he should have replied differently? Fans that went to his concert weren’t really satisfied. They thought it wasn’t worth the money.

Monsoon Bride Recap Ep 1 Part 3

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I really think there is something with this Nanny. She seems more happy than anyone to see Khem being kicked out. While everything is happening, her being thrown out, Non was standing in the back watching her.

Monsoon Bride Recap Ep 1 Part 2

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Khem confronts her grandpa about having a twin. She doesn’t care about her mom just finding her sister. Grandpa doesn’t want her to dig into it and leaves. We’re shown grandpa holding a picture of the twin babies. He seems frustrated, mad, and sad at the same time.


Khem calls Hia Po that night and makes him take her to Bangkok. Haha. Freaken hilarious. Hia Po thinks that she’s going to surprise him with a ring claiming him as hers. Kissing his hand all by himself. She disguises herself and asks Uncle Chi, the maintenance guy that she wants to make Kwanta a model in order for her to seek information. When the one of the girls and the uncle sees the picture, they tell Khem that there’s no such woman.

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Monsoon Bride Recaps Ep 1 Part 1


So our scene starts off with Kwan running on the beach in her wedding gown. It seems  some guy is chasing her. Her father calls her on the phone, and we find out her name is Kwanta. While trying to find her, her father swerves the car and hits a tree causing him to become unconscious.

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