Eng Sub Lakorns

 Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (Por&Vicky, Lek&Joy, Aun&Benz) Watch at Youtube

Hua Jai Teuan (Aom&Kwan) Watch at Youtube

Tawan Tor Saeng (Mai&Dome) Watch at Youtube

Ruk Ok Rit (Pope&Mew) Watch at Youtube

Cubic (Mint&Bomb) Watch at Youtube

Samee Teetra (pope&Ploy) Watch at Youtube

Soot Ruk Gupduk Hua Jai (Oun&Amy) Watch at Viki

Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (Dome&Janie) Watch at Youtube

Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Mark&Kimberly) Watch at Viki

Fire Loves a Vengeful Flame (Veerada&Mart): Watch at Viki

Maya See Muk (Vee&Green): Watch at Viki

File:Maya See Muk poster 2.jpg

Nai Suan Kwan (Margie&Boy) Watch at Viki

Ya Leum Chan (Ann&Tik): Watch at Youtube Update 05/03/14

The Sixth Sense II (Ja&Louis, Wawaa&Top, Eye&Grate, Kat&Film, Krissie&Phet): Watch at Youtube Completed

The Sixth Sense I (Ja&Louis,  Eye&Grate, Krissie&Phet, Wawaa, Kat): Watch at Youtube Completed

Madam Dun (Ploy and Mario): Watch at Viki

Kao Tom Mud Love Story (Film and Pat): Watch at Viki

Khun Chai Tharathon (Grate and Pream): Watch at YoutubeCompleted

Khun Chai Pawornruj (Pope and Mew): Watch at YoutubeCompleted

Khun Chai Puttipat (James and Bella): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted.

Khun Chai Rachanon (Bomb and Taew): Watch at YoutubeCompleted.

Khun Chai Ronnapee (James and Mint): Watch at YoutubeCompleted.

Majarut See Nampueng  (Ken Theeradeth and  ‘Namtarn’ Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin) : Watch at Viki Completed

Maya Tawan (Aum and Yaya): Watch at Viki Completed

Fah Krajang Dao (Boy Pakorn and Matt Peeranee): Watch at Viki Completed

Mon Jan Tra (Chakrit and Margie): Watch at Viki Completed

Koom Nang Kruan (Pinky, Toomtam, Mo): Watch at Viki

Likit Fah Chata Din (Son, Mo, Mike, Charebelle): Watch it at Youtube Updated 12/04/2013

Pinanong (Weir and Min): Watch it at Youtube:  01/24/2014

Num Baan Rai Gub Wanjai Hi-So (Chompoo and Peter): Watch it at Youtube by NewCurvey Curvey.   Completed

Thoranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Nadech and Yaya): Watch at YoutubeCompleted

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Great and Matt): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted


Ngao Kammathep (Weir and Mai Davika): Watch it at YoutubeUpdate 07/26/12 or Viki

Dok Soke (Charebelle and Pong): Watch it at Viki  Updated 6/5/12


Rak Prakasit (Aff and Por): Watch at Viki Completed

Look Mai Klai Ton (Kob and Andrew): Watch it at youtubeUpdated 3/2/12

Suparb Buruth Satan aka Devil’s Gentleman (Pinky and Aof) : Watch at Youtube Update 5/30/09


Jamleuy Kammathep ( Chakrit and Cherry): Watch it youtube.  updated 10/2/11

Daddy Duo (Four and Film): Watch at Viki

Neur Mek (Cherry and Chakrit): Watch it at YoutubeUPDATED04/21/2011

Sao Chai Hi-Tech (Jui and Om): Watch it at Viki.

Jao Sao Ban Rai (Por and Namfon): Watch it at Youtube. Updated 7/4/2010

Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada (Pae and Aum P.): Watch it at Viikii 

Jao Ying Lum Sing (New and Pinky):Watch it at Youtube. updated 12/28/2009

Dung Duang Haruthai (Weir and Kwan): Watch it at Viki

Ching Chang (Captain and Jieb): Watch it at Viki. 

Daughter-in-law Tornado (Kob and Paul): Watch it at Viki

Miss Kapaokai and Mister Kaidao (Hugo and Kob) Watch it at Viikii.

Samee Teetra (Anne and Au): Watch it at Youtube. Completed

Tang Fah Tawan Diew (Tik and Janie): Watch it at YoutubeUPDATED 6/5/09

Song Naree (Chakrit A. and Ann T.): Watch it at youtubeUpdated 03/13/13

Meu Nang (Kwan and Tengnueng) Watch at Viki

Khun Chai Rai Lem Gwean (FIlm and Janie): Watch it at YOUTUBE-Updated 08/07/09

Ka Neung Ha (Ning and Patson): Watch it at Youtube. Updated 10/12/12

Ruan Mai See Biege (Andrew and Cherry): Watch on YoutubeUpdated 2/6/2009

Koo Pbuan Olawon (Vee and Tangmoe): Watch it at Youtube. Selected Scenes only

Leh Pummared (Pong & Pim): Watch it at Youtube. Updated 12/28/08

Ruk ter Yod Ruk (Pat and Por): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Khun Paw Rup Jarng (Num & Kob): Watch it at Youtube Updated 11/22/08

Lerd Hong (Bee N. and ?): Watch it at YoutubeUpdated 08/16/08

Busaba Reh Ruk (Kob & Vee) Watch it at Youtube. Updated 07/08/08

3 Num Neua Thong (Mark, Ken, Boy): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

A recipe for Love (Anne and Ken): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Autumn Destiny (Mario and Chat): Watch it at Viki.Completed

Bundai Dok Ruk (Min and Om): Watch it at VikiCompleted

Bitter Honey (Nok and Janie):  Watch it at Youtube.  Completed

Borisud Bumbut Kaen (Aum and Ann) Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Bo See Chompoo (Angie and Chakrit):Watch it at Youtube. Completed

Buang (Rita and Rome): Watch it at  youtube.  Completed

Buang Banjathorn (Chakrit and Marsha): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Buang Rai Pye Ruk (Tle and Pancake): Watch at Viki. Fixing

Buang Ruk Kammathep (Pong and Bee) Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Yok Lai Mek (Rome and Janie) Watch it at VikiCompleted

Country Son-In-Law (Ja and Tui):Watch it at Youtube. Updated 05/1/12

Kuan Kammathep (Tye and Matt): Watch it at Youtube Updated 04/24/12

Dok Ruk Rim Tang (Vill and Bie): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Dew Palace (Tawin and Pinky) Watch it at YoutubeUpdate 11/09/09

Duang Jai Akkanee: Watch it at youtube. Completed

Duang Taa Nai Duang Jai (First and Yardthip): Watch at Viki.Completed

Dum Kham (Pong and Tangmoe): Watch at Viki.Completed

Fai Chon Saeng (Great and Chompoo): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Fai Luang (Tao and Willy): Watch at VikiCompleted

Game Rai Game Ruk (Nadech and Yaya): Watch at YoutubeCompleted.

Game Rai Game Ruk (Yaya and Nadech): Watch it at youtube.Completed


Hua Jai Song Park (Por and Taew): Watch at DailymotionCompleted.

I’m Hot, Perfect, and Single (Film and Janie): Watch it at youtube. Completed

Kaew Tha Pee (Tik & Cherry): Watch it at Youtube. Completed

Kehas See Daeng (Andrew and Mint): Watch it at youtube and viki Completed

Khun Nu Chantana (Tye and Donut): Watch at Viki Completed

King Kaew Kar Fark (Por, Pat, Ace): Watch it at Viki or YoutubeCompleted

Klin Kaew Klang Jai (Rome & Rita): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Ken and Janie): Watch it at youtube.Completed

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Great and Matt): Watch it at VikiCompleted


Likit Kammathep (Ann T. and Mart) Watch at YoutubeCompleted

LookSao Gumnan (Tui and Namfon): Watch it at youtube.  Completed

Love in the Shadow (Mark, Mint, Nadech): Watch it at vikiCompleted

Love Rotation (Weir and Pinky) Watch at Youtube.Completed

Mafia Tee Ruk (Pat and Chakrit): Watch it at youtube

Manee Yard Fah (WIlly and Anne):Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Mia Taeng (Chompoo and Rome): Watch it at Youtube.  Completed

Mook Liam Phet (Rome and Susie): Watch it at youtube Completed

The Moonlight Crown (Rita and Andrew) Watch it at VikiCompleted

Neung Nai Suang (Ken and Janie): Watch at Viki. Completed

Ngao Asoke (Pong and Pueng):W atch it at vikiCompleted

Ngao Hua Jai (New and Noon): Watch at Viki. Completed

Oum Ruk (Ken & Ann): Watch it at Youtube Completed

Patapee Leh Ruk (Mark and Mint): Watch it at youtube.  Completed

Phom Ruk Roy Ardeed (Win and Kwan): Watch it at Youtube. Completed

Piang Jai Thee Pookpan (Aum and Taew): Watch it at Viki. Completed

Prideful Prisoner (Anne and Rome):Watch it at youtube. Completed

Rainbow Flame (Mart and Susie): Watch it at Youtube

Rainbow Moon (Aff and Bie): Watch at Viki. Completed

Rahut Rissaya (Paul & Noon): Watch it at Viki Completed

Rak Boon (Mike and Margie): Watch at YoutubeCompleted.

Rang Ngao (Anne and Ken): Watch at YoutubeCompleted

Roy Mai (Aff and Aum): Watch it at viki. Completed

Roi Marn (Boy and Margie): Watch it at viki Completed

Ruk Nai Marn Mek (Min and Tle): Watch it at Youtube

Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong (Ken & Janie): Watch it at Youtube. Completed

Ruk Ok Ahkat (Cherry and Om): Watch it at viki. Completed

Ruk Patiharn (Kimberly and Mart):Watch it at Viki. Completed

Ruk Sorn Rot (Stefan and Pinky): Watch it at Viki Completed

Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (Anne and Chakrit) Watch at YoutubeCompleted

Sawan Bieng (Ken & Anne): Watch it at Youtube and VikiUpdated 04/21/08 Completed at Viki

Sawan Saang (Min and Cee): Watch it at Viki.Completed

Silamanee (Kob and Paul): Watch it at youtube.   Completed

Tae Jai Rak Nak Wang Pan (Por, Pat, Namfon, Etc.) Watch at YoutubeUpdated 02/17/13

Tang Pang Korn (Num & Anne): Watch it at youtube. Completed

Thara’s Himalaya (Kim and Aum): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Tard Ruk (Janie, Mart, Por, and Cherry): Watch at Youtube Completed




Tawee Pope (Pancake and Om): Watch at Viki. Completed

Song Pradtana (Paula and Pong): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Wanida (Aff and Tik): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Wanjai Gub Nai Jomying (Matt and Mart): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Wayupak Montra (Margie and Boy): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Wimarn Sai (Bee and Chakrit): Watch it at YoutubeCompleted

Wiwa Wa Woon (Ken and Chompoo): Watch it at youtubeCompleted

Pleng Ruk Kham Pope (New and Pancake): Watch it at Viki Completed


8 responses to “Eng Sub Lakorns”

  1. omgitstoolate says :

    many of the completed link is unavailable..why?

  2. Kdiana says :

    where can i see ngao kammathep on dailymotion?

  3. helen largo olegario (@len091669) says :

    There are lots of people,whose addicted watching thai lakorns even cant speak nor understand thai & only depended on engsub were sad because as I’ve seen only few could volunteer on subbing it…we really hope that there is also a blog that can be done ..updated…& of course free from any charges…hope anyone can grant this ^_^

  4. via says :

    I can request subtitles english series atm 2? because many of my friends who wait for it

  5. Johna722 says :

    Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this website. ebegdkggdagk

  6. nana says :

    hi… did you would post Hormones The Series season 2 ???

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