Pin Anong Ep.1-5 Caps

So what just happened from ep 1 was that Khun ChaRit aka Yai  just came back to his home after running away. Stepmom tells him to run away after he accidentally stabs her affair husband. He goes and seeks shelter from Uncle Brot who was earlier kicked out of the house by his dad because he told Khun Yai’s dad about his wife having an affair. After more than 10 years, KhunYai is back to find out what happened to his father and get things at the farm back in order. Of course, part of the reason would be to see our na’ek, PinAnong.

He makes an entrance with Pin acting as a crook and seeking shelter from her for the night. He teases her a lot. XD

The whole family is afraid of him and he teases them alot. He pretends to have food poison, and Khun Nai and the manager takes the chance to poison him, but of course he’s smart and throws it back up on the manager. 😛 He deserves it!

Ep. 2-4

There was one part in which Pin was set to Sia to pay off Khun Nai, Yai’s stepmom or mom of Khun Na and Khun Tasanee, debt for gambling. Sia asks for Pin after she went to his company to borrow money to pay off her mom’s surgery. Of course she didn’t borrow money from Sia because our p’ek robbed Sia’s casino and placed it into her purse without her knowing. Back to her being given to Sia. Khun Yai finds her and saves her.  Again she is sent to Sia without knowing. This time Sia knew that KhunYai is going to come save Pin. They’re both tied and about to be killed.


Funny part, KhunYai tells Pin to reach into his pants. She thinks wrong, but he tells her that his phone is in his pants, for her to get it. He leans for her and she gets it. He dials his friend’s number and Uncle Brot is on the way to rescue. They’re rescue.

Ep. 5 Khun Yai tells Uncle Brot to take them back to their house, not Paison Farm. Flashes back, Khun Yai had drugged Pin. Going back to Paisan Farm, Khun Nai and the manager cleans Khun Yai’s bedroom and tells Pin’s mom that she ran away with Khun Yai.

Pin wakes up to find her self in the what Yai says is the Nest of Tiger Brot. LOL . He’s so teasing her again. Yai introduces her to Auntie Pen and is kowtow with a knife facing her. Pin is startled and jerks back. 😀

An accident happens at the place because Pin and Khun Yai were arguing. Khun Yai takes it out on a dynamite and boulders starts falling hurting workers. Pin starts looking for Khun Yai an she meets him.  Boulders fall, so he covers her. There’s a sweet moment of hug. Poor Pin. While tending to Khun Yai’s wound, he asks her why she had to be brave and go look for him.  She replies, “I’m afraid something might happen to you because of me.” He then asks her if she wanted to cease his anger. She does and he tells her to stop seeing Khun Na, her lover since childhood, for the rest of her life.


Khun Na has returned from abroad with his girlfriend/fiance. Khun Na gives a hair pin as a gift to Pin. Pin treasured it and so Khun Yai gets jealous. He takes it from her and pretends to throw it into the water. Pin jumps in and looks for it. She has cramps and is saved by Jom.


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  1. Liza says :

    im hoping for Pin anong part 2

  2. Liza says :

    Pin anong part 2 pls

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